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BeeFreeMeat burgers
BeeFreeMeat Patties

One-step towards a better world 

Try our new BeeFreeMeat burger patties which are best cooked until crispy and brown, served with your favourite dressings. They taste delicious and many who have tried them could not believe there is no meat in them. Order today and be part of the change.

10 patties @ €12 - Order Now
BeeFreeMeat chicken
BeeFreeMeat Chicken

Crispy and golden cutlets

We have come up with yet another innovate product. Our BeeFreeMeat Chicken cutlets are also 100% vegan and give you more choice and options to replace your meat consumption without missing the taste, bite and texture of chicken. Try us out!

6 cutlets @ €12 - Order Now
BeeFreeMeat cooked mince
BeeFreeMeat Cooked Mince

The minced meat replacement

Our cooked mince is convenient and a perfect minced meat replacement. Just add it to your favourite recipes including bolognaise, lasagna, wraps, salads and much more. Don't forget to share your unique recipes for us to post on our website.

500grms @ €5 - Order Now
BeeFreeMeat raw mince
BeeFreeMeat Raw Mince

Be as creative as you want with the raw product

Our BeeFreeMeat mince option can be cooked in many different ways and served with salads, wraps, couscous, quinoa and pasta. Be creative and let us know what you come up with. We would be interested to learn all about your creations.

1kg @ €9 - Order Now
BeeFreeMeat pet food
BeeFreeMeat Pet Food

Go green with your pets

We also offer our mince for pets and they just love it, not to say that some prefer it to meat. Some of clients have changed their pets to being vegan while others are either substituting occasionally or mixing our product with meat. All goes to help reduce meat consumption.

5kg @ €38 - Order Now
What are the ingredients?

All our products are produced from fresh or dried natural ingredients which have not been processed in any way. We strive at producing 100% vegan products made up solely from plants and vegetables.

Our Proteins

Mung Beans

Peas | Mung Beans | Kidney Beans | Chick Peas | Lentils

Our products, although made from plants come with a balance of proteins bringing you the right nutritional values for a balanced meal.



Carrots | Potatoes | Mushrooms | Beetroot | Onions | Seaweed

We use fresh market products to create great tasting recipes full of flavour, colour and balance.

Our Binders


Olive Oil | Tofu | Oats | Rice | Flour | Bread Crumbs

As binders we use natural ingredients to create juicy products that turn crispy and golden brown when cooked.



Rock Salt | White Pepper | Black Pepper | Soy Sauce | Spices | Vegetable Stock | Yeast Extracts | Oat Milk | Balsamic Vinegar

We pick our flavours from basic ingredients to bring you mouth watering recipes.


We encourage consumers with food allergies or sensitivities to review our ingredient list prior to consume any BeeFreeMeat produst. Our products contains wheat and soy but do not contain dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts or tree nuts.

We Offer

Delivery to your Door-step

Feeling Hungry?

Try our new BeeFreeMeat products from your home. Simply place your order from our website and we will deliver within 48 working hours. Our products come in reusable packaging where there will be a one time purchase of stainless steel containers which we will deliver your order in. With every order you make, we will refill your containers and bring them back to you with BeeFreeMeat products.  In this way we are eliminating all extra charges on packaging, while helping our environment by reducing use of disposables. We deliver all around Malta. Be a part of this necessary change. 

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