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About BeeFreeMeat

Beefreemeat is an Eco-friendly concept that substitutes meat with plants. After years of intense Research our experts have finally come up with a solution where we can stop depending on animals for meat. Everyday nearly 800,000 cows are slaughtered for the purpose of food. We asked ourselves... Is it fair to do so? What if we can change that? 

We decided to work on this project and put our 100% efforts into it. Finally, we have found a solution to this problem. We've introduced our delicious Beefreemeat products for everyone to enjoy. Our goal is to make this world a better place for animals too, while expanding our business we are saving more and more animals each day. We ensure that our products are healthy, nutritious as well as tasty with every bite and that our clients are always satisfied. 

Our products are available all across Malta. orders can be made online and will usually be delivered within 48 hours. Support us by enjoying our products to help make our world a better place!

Our Mission & Goals

Our goal is to deliver premium quality products to our clients which are flavourful as well as healthy with an Eco-friendly approach. Our goal is to make people realize that we have found a substitute for beef and they no longer need to depend on animals for meat. Our experts have introduced healthy, delicious and Eco-friendly products that substitutes meat consumption with plants, without having to compromise with the taste or health. Our goal is to make our project global so that we can save more and more animals with our innovative concept.

Who we are?

Our vision is to bring you a range of products substituting meat to help reduce the impact on the planet. The idea of BeeFreeMeat is very fresh and is baked up by a small team headed by our founder, Pierre Azzopardi, who composed the recipes. Pierre has a vast experience in catering and has also a lot of knowledge about food having created several recipes and menus for hotels, restaurants that he worked at or ran.

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